Kalil and LaCount - Attorneys and Counselors at Law in Rye, NH

We have clients, not cases.

At Kalil & LaCount, we "specialize" in our clients. To us, clients are not just cases. Clients are individuals, businesses and organizations that very often have more than one type of legal issue.

We have structured our firm to be a problem-solving resource for our clients. Our attorneys are practical, well-rounded generalists licensed in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, and Connecticut who work in multiple areas of law. We want our clients to know that whatever their issue, they can turn to us for responsive, cost-effective representation and counsel.

For over three decades, Kalil & LaCount has offered reliable and prudent legal services to clients throughout New England. We are more than just attorneys to our clients; we are trusted counselors. Contact us today to discover the difference of a client-centered law firm.

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